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Brian Cunningham


Brian's illustrious career spans military and civilian spheres, marked by strategic brilliance and innovation. With over 25 years as a Navy SEAL and senior Special Operations Officer, Brian led numerous high-stakes missions, showcasing unmatched leadership and tactical expertise.

Transitioning to the corporate world, Brian thrived as Chief Strategy Officer at a leading technology firm, leveraging his advanced computing and AI/ML knowledge to drive transformative change. His journey from military to tech exemplifies a dedication to excellence and impactful solutions.

At Solliance, Brian's leadership spearheaded tech innovation, establishing him as a sought-after speaker at global events. His diverse interests reflect a commitment to continuous growth, inspiring others to pursue their passions.

Motivated by corporate insights, Brian co-founded a 501c3 to empower Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans, ensuring their skills and leadership are rightfully recognized and valued.

  • Leading Through Change

  • Conflict Resolution

  • AI

  • Technology

  • Metaverse


Travels From:

San Diego, CA

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